Young Readers Are Enthusiastic

Dealing with booksellers is fun, but what really gets me going is hearing that a bilingual child somewhere, who has been given a copy of Betty & Cat, reads it – and likes it! Does my heart good.

Nikki, aged 7, has her own video on YouTube, explaining how she likes the book. Cecilia, aged 7, reads the book to her sister Delphine, aged 5, explaining what *raining cats and dogs* means, and that sometimes you can’t translate phrases exactly; that each language has a different way of saying things. Aren’t kids amazing!

The girls’ mum sent along this link from the NYTimes:

Thanks Kyra. Fascinating reading, and another reason I’m going full speed ahead with sequels to Thuis bij Betty & Cat At Home (besides the fact that they’re so much fun to do!). Do read the article – especially if you speak more than one language (it will make you feel good about yourself, too!)




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