Lingotastic Really Gets the Concept!

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-09-46-39Sarah Barrett, who runs a multi-lingual school in the UK, was delighted when I approached her about reviewing my Betty & Cat books. As she says in the review below, “Regular readers of our blog will know we love books so when Hennie asked us to review this book I was excited to find out more. Language learning with bilingual animals? Whatever next!”

I’m thrilled to say, Sarah *got* the concept right away (she said it was *brilliant* – blush-blush!)

Sarah’s aim is to teach children second – or even third! – languages in a fun, non-threatening way. A way that fits in perfectly with the Betty & Cat concept. Here’s her review:

 Il neige chez Betty and Cat In the snow

For more information on Sarah’s work, go to

Thanks, Sarah!



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