Betty & Cat Books

Betty & Cat is a series of children’s books that reflect the way today’s children play with language. You won’t find a translation, just two critters communicating: Cat in English and Betty in Dutch.

These books are ideal for

  1. children being brought up bilingually, who are comfortable switching between the two languages, and are looking for books that reflect their unique lifestyle;
  2. adults close to these children who may have forgotten some of their English-language skills (or are learning Dutch), but want to participate in the bilingual experience of these children; and,
  3. children who are struggling with learning English and who perhaps don’t see the point of learning another language.

The series starts with Thuis bij Betty & Cat At Home, in which the characters are introduced. The second book is In de Kennel met Betty & Cat In the Kennel*.  This second book may have a particular resonance with kids who have moved from one country to another. (Spoiler alert: it has a happy ending!)

* Available mid-March 2014.