About the Authors

Text by Hennie Jacobs
Illustrations by Christine Duvernois

Hennie Jacobs

DSCN1089The books are written by Hennie Jacobs, who became bilingual virtually overnight at the age of six as a Dutch immigrant to Montreal. An advertising copywriter, Hennie teaches English as a second language, to both business people and children, in a playful, fun, and non-threatening way. Since launching the Betty & Cat books in 2011, they’ve expanded to include three Dutch/English versions, three French/English versions, and now, two Spanish versions: Spanish/English and Spanish/French.

Contact: hennie@bettyandcat.com

Christine Duvernois

Christine studied at l’École des Arts Appliqués Christine Duvernoisin Lyon. She worked for several years as a textile designer. For the last 15 years, Christine has been working freelance as a graphic artist, primarily in the fields of tourism, the environment, and education. Playing with brushes, paints, and paper – and the latest digital design tools – Christine’s illustrations are exactly the look I wanted for Betty & Cat. Contact: atelier@atrait.com

Betty & Cat books are published in The Netherlands.

Copyright 2016 by Hennie Jacobs

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